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Raised Garden Kits

Gardening is a way of life for many people, whether they choose to grow flowers, vegetables or a combination of the two. A raised garden kit makes it easy to nourish a green thumb anywhere, even in confined spaces such as an apartment patio in the midst of a large city. They also eliminate the need to bend over and till soil in preparation for planting. Available in several sizes and configurations, most have a simple setup that has even novices planting their first seeds or roots within a matter of minutes.

Array of Materials to Create Different Looks
Raised garden kits come in several different materials including wood, metal, plastic and clay. Wood kits are the most common, as you can stain them to match the garden decor or leave them natural for a rustic look. Another option is to paint them different colors and set up a colorful area on a large deck. Metal units often have a decorative element to them and require a special liner to ensure they don't leak. Plastic and clay models work well as you can drill holes in the bottom to prevent over-saturation, and they come in a variety of colors to add some pop to the garden area. Some units are made with composite wood or recycled materials to promote sustainability.

Several Configurations to Improve Versatility
If you're considering purchasing a raised garden kit, it's essential to look at the configurations to ensure it'll fit in your designated area. They come in varying sizes from 1 to 8 feet long, with different widths to accommodate different plants. Larger units are well-suited for those who have an expansive deck or lawn, while smaller units work well on narrow patios or even on a windowsill. Some have legs that reduce the need to bend over, making them a suitable option for those with back and neck sensitivities and injuries. Some have caster wheels that improve their mobility so you can move them between locations with little effort.

Variety of Components to get you Started
Each raised garden kit comes with its own set of components, and some sets give you the basics while others give you a more comprehensive setup. Wooden kits usually contain instructions to put the bed together. Brands like Gronomics provide sets that require no tools to build, with parts that interlock together. Many come with a landscape lining to provide a barrier at the bottom that prevents dirt and water from seeping out. Comprehensive kits include an aeration screen to keep soil out of the water reservoir, a water tube, mulch covers and fertilizer to promote growth. You can buy other components separately and add them to kits to increase the chances of plant success.

Suitable for a Variety of Plants to Increase Harvest
The most common reason people invest in raised garden kits is to grow bountiful amounts of plants and flowers. You can grow nearly any type of plant in them, including berry patches or plants with shallow roots to avoid weed takeovers. Choose deeper units for plants that require established root systems to bloom and shallow units for herbs.
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Gronomics EGB 24-48S 48" Garden Bed
Item : 1261441
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  • Product Type: Garden Bed
  • Dimensions: 30"H x 24"W x 48"L
  • Garden Dimensions: 46"H x 22"W x 8"D
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