Reeves Liquitex Non-toxic 32 oz. Gloss Gel Acrylic Medium (5732)

Item #: 943351 | Model #: 5732

About this product

Reeves Liquitex Gloss Gel Acrylic Medium retains brush strokes, extends paint volume while increasing transparency, increases the depth of color, and slows drying time while enhancing blending. Mix it with any acrylic color or thin it by adding u

Made of high grade materials, the Liquitex Gloss Gel Acrylic Medium enhances color, increases transparency and color blending. This gloss gel medium is ideal for creating gloss impasto effects and thick glazes and also works as an adhesive for collage and decoupage. You can use this acrylic gel for binding various additives and pigments like sawdust, sand, stone and more.

  • Gloss gel can be used for painting and crafting projects
  • Dries slowly to offer a glossy effect on application
  • Capacity: 32 oz.
  • Ideal for thick glazes and brilliant gloss impasto effects
  • Makes an excellent binder for pigments and additives such as sand, sawdust, stone, and more
  • Contains 32oz/946mL of Gloss Gel
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236