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Scouring Pads, Cellulose, Medium-Duty, Nylon, Absorbent, 6"x9", 20/Ct
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Model #BWK196
  • Absorbent cellulose sponge on one side, nylon scouring pad on the other
  • The ultimate combination for cleaning ceramic fixtures, kitchen and bath surfaces
Resin sponges have the scrubbing power to take on the toughest cleaning tasks and feature materials that are durable and won't damage delicate surfaces. Use them in the kitchen to remove baked-on food from pots and pans or around the house or office to clean counters, appliances, and other hard surfaces. Handle tough cleaning tasks with a resin sponge or pad from Staples'® selection of facilities maintenance and cleaning supplies.

Resin Sponges Clean a Variety of Surfaces
The many types of available resin and polyester sponges handle a broad range of cleaning needs efficiently. Scrubbers for delicate surfaces are safe to use on glassware and non-stick pans in the kitchen, or fiberglass shower stalls, or porcelain sinks and tubs in the bathroom. Remove grease or food deposits from kitchen equipment or countertops with general-purpose products, or scour burned-on food from stainless steel pots and pans with heavy-duty scrubbers. Select resin sponges are tough enough to clean grills and floors.

Resin Sponges Are a Durable and Versatile Cleaning Solution
Reusable resin sponges last through dozens of cleaning cycles, making them excellent options for busy kitchens or general home use. They also eliminate the need for scrapers, metal scrubbing pads, or other cleaning tools. Their open weave rinses clean quickly, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination in kitchens. Pads bend and flex to clean tight corners and are thin enough to reach into cracks and crevices. Some pads fit rigid scrubber handles that protect hands from heat sources or chemicals. Use these sponges to clean flat surfaces such as griddles or floors.

What Materials Are Used to Make Resin Sponges?
Most of these products have three components. Polymer fibers provide a flexible non-metallic cleaning surface, and mineral abrasives bonded to these strands enhance scrubbing power. Resin bonding agents hold these materials together, even when exposed to high temperatures, soapy water, or harsh cleaning products. Together, these elements create tough scrubbers that are cost-effective and versatile. They won't rust or splinter like metal scouring pads.

Do Resin Sponges Meet Food Safety Standards?
The HACCP standard outlines food and equipment handling and cleaning procedures that help prevent food borne illnesses in food processing and distribution facilities and commercial kitchens. Many resin pads meet the HACCP requirements for cleaning products. Using them helps ensure restaurant suppliers and kitchens meet food safety regulations.

What Are the Purchase Options for Resin Sponges?
Scrubbers come in packs of 6 to twelve products that are ideal for home cleaning tasks and bulk boxes of 20 to 40 pads that meet the needs of commercial facilities. Use small 3.5 x 5 inch pads to clean delicate glassware or china, or wipe down a counter, stove top, or grill quickly with a large 6 x 9 inch resin sponge.

Are Resin Sponges Absorbent?
While most of these pads are thin and don't retain liquids, some models combine a resin scrubber with a thick and soft sponge that will quickly absorb fluids. Use these products to wipe up food spills or clean stove, grill, or bathroom fixtures. The absorbent sponges also retain dish soap or cleaning liquid and rinse clean with a quick squeeze, which speeds up cleaning tasks.