Risograph Ink Cartridges & Toner Cartridges

Risograph Ink & toner at Staples

Risograph printers, also known as Riso digital duplicators or digital presses, are unique printing devices designed to handle print volumes too large for traditional office copiers but too small for commercial offset printing services. Risograph ink cartridges use emulsion inks specially formulated to work with this process, and Riso master rolls provide precise ink delivery to each printed page. Staples carries Risograph printer cartridges and master rolls for most Risograph digital duplication systems.

Unique Ink Formulas
Risograph ink cartridges are engineered to meet the specialized performance needs of Risograph digital printers. Genuine Risograph printer cartridges ensure smooth ink delivery, resulting in exceptional output quality and consistent, brilliant color on every printed page. While remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges produced by third party manufacturers may appear to cost less, they often use inks that separate over time, reducing the quality of printed output. Risograph printer cartridges use emulsion inks formulated for stability. These inks won't suffer changes in viscosity that can affect print quality, even after they've sat on the shelf for a long time. Risograph inks also dry very quickly, which prevents smudging. Unlike laser toners, which require a high-temperature fusing unit to fix printed output to the page, Risograph inks are applied and dry at close to room temperature. This makes Risograph digital presses very energy efficient and reduces printer operating costs.

High-Performance Master Rolls
Risograph master rolls are a critical component of the digital press printing process. These products are built using materials designed to operate at the temperatures created by the thermal print heads in Risograph digital presses. These print heads burn a copy of the source document onto the master roll's surface using precisely controlled heat. Once this process is complete, the master roll picks up ink from Risograph ink cartridges and transfers it to the output page. Using Risograph printer cartridges and master rolls ensures precise reproduction of original documents and accurate ink placement on each printed page, performance that can't be matched by third party components and compatible ink cartridges.

Easy-to-Use Supplies
The high-speed printing power provided by Riso digital duplicators is also easy to use and maintain. Risograph ink cartridges and master rolls have plug-and-play designs that are simple to install, so replacing supplies takes just a few minutes. Most Risograph printer cartridges and master rolls are high-yield, multi-pack products that can handle high volume printing. They also reduce supply costs per page and minimize printer downtime. Finally, Riso offers recycling services for both printer supplies and packing materials, so can reduce office waste and recycle ink cartridges.

Use genuine Risograph ink cartridges and keep the office's Riso digital duplicator running smoothly. While remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges may look like a bargain, original Risograph printer cartridges and master rolls are engineered to maximize the performance of Riso digital presses and produce crisp and bright printed output.