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Computer Mice

A well-designed computer mouse helps you use your computer efficiently, whether you are catching up on business emails as you travel, completing your daily office work or playing fast-paced PC games. Staples offers a broad selection of mice from trusted brands such as Microsoft, Logitech, Adesso and Apple so you can find the model that suits your usage habits.

Consider Compatibility When Selecting a Computer Mouse
Most mice are designed to work with both PC and Mac machines; however, Apple makes some mice that work only with Apple products. Microsoft optimizes mice for use with the Windows operating system, and they may not work as well with non-PC products. Logitech, though, makes mice that are designed to be compatible with both PC and Mac machines.

Like most peripherals, mice usually connect via USB. Many are plug and play, but some require software installation via disk or download for full functionality.

Select the Best Computer Mouse for Your Tech Needs
Choose a mouse with technology that suits your needs. An LED optical mouse will tolerate some amount of surface unevenness, which is good for when you're working in cramped quarters or using an armchair as a de facto mouse pad. Laser mice are excellent for applications that require a high degree of precision, such as gaming and graphic design. The mechanical mouse works by means of a ball that rolls over the mouse pad. This technology is less cutting edge than others, but it is reliable and budget conscious.

Laser, optical and mechanical mice usually have cords. If you need to be able to control your device even when you're not sitting in front of it, opt for a wireless mouse. These mice usually use radio frequency technology, such as Bluetooth, to transmit data.

To work more efficiently, consider a mouse with programmable buttons that you can configure for your most frequent tasks. Many mice have built-in scroll wheels for improved internet browsing, and some scroll wheels also function as an additional programmable button.

What Makes a Computer Mouse Ergonomic?
An ergonomic mouse should fit your hand comfortably, which means you must take your hand size into account when selecting your device. Contoured models provided added support, and they often come in both left- and right-handed versions. To alleviate wrist tension, use a vertical mouse, which permits a more neutral hand position. Some mice are made with supportive materials such as gel or silicone to reduce stress on the joints in your hand.

Do All Computer Mice Need Mouse Pads?
No, not all mice need mouse pads. Optical, radio frequency and laser mice can work on a variety of surfaces. Mechanical mice need a mouse pad because the built-in trackball must be able to grip the surface.

How Do You Clean a Computer Mouse?
Unplug your mouse and, if applicable, remove its batteries. Next, wipe the entire surface with a microfiber cloth. A compressed air canister is useful for blowing dust and dirt out of any crevices. You should regularly sanitize computer peripherals, especially if multiple people use them throughout a given day. Disinfecting wipes offer a quick way to remove germs from your device.
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DNPRoccat™ Lua ROC-(11-310-AM) USB Wired Optical Gaming Mouse, Black
Item : IM11Y7460
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  • Gaming mouse for easy navigation
  • Connectivity: Wired/cable
  • Number of buttons: 3
38.79 $38.79
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