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Rodent Control

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Use multi-catch glue and electric traps to quickly aid in rodent control. Snap traps and electric devices provide a swift, merciful method, while sonic repellents and live traps offer a humane solution. Choose enclosed cases to hide rodents from sight or bait stations for disposal-free control.

Quick Eradication
Take back your office and make your staff feel safe with fast-acting rodent control solutions that eliminate multiple rodents in a single day. Large enclosed glue traps can dispose of up to 30 mice before emptying, while electric traps can zap up to 10 mice on a single charge. Experts recommend traps as the first defense, but bait stations may also be placed where rodents have been spotted and only require refilling.

Humane Solutions
Settle office disagreements over which method is best by offering humane rodent control solutions. Live catch traps allow you to remove rodents from your workplace and release them in an appropriate outdoor environment. Electric traps kill swiftly without prolonged suffering, and the devices are reusable, relying on batteries for power. Choose snap traps for the most humane option, as these device kill instantaneously.

Enclosed Traps
If your team includes squeamish staff, consider rodent control methods that hide the rodents from plain sight in an enclosed, opaque container, including electric traps and closed snap traps. Bait stations offer a disposal-free eradication method, and glue traps can be used with a covered station instead of an open design.

Use Repellents to Keep Rodents Gone
Once rodents have been vanquished, use electronic sonic repellents to make your office inhospitable to any stragglers. Rodent control repellents are also available for gophers and moles, including sonic pulse spikes and soil treatments that make the ground taste unpleasant.

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D-CON Glue Traps for Rodents, 4/Pack, 12 Packs/Ct
Item: 280248 / Model : 1920078642
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  • Glue traps are highly effective at catching mice and rats
  • Ready-to-use sticky traps require no baiting
  • Keep out of reach of children or pets
41.39 $41.39
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