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SMK-Link Card Readers & Adapters

Smart cards are now standard purchasing media in commercial transactions, combining ease of use with user-specific privacy and protection that meet both government and home-banking security standards. SMK-link smart-card readers hook up to the USB drive of computers, tablets, or notebooks to accept either commercial transactions or user-entry identification by smart card.

SMK-Link Readers Are Compatible with Standard Protocols
Plastic smart cards are the size of credit cards and contain embedded microchips with data for retrieving information, making transactions, and identifying personnel. SMK-Link smart card readers follow all the standard protocols for reading and communicating that information to computer. The readers support Microsoft® Smart Card for Windows®, which complies with PC/SC 1.0 API and CCID protocols for computer integration. The protocols ensure that the Windows card reader can simply plug into the USB port of a computer and be ready to operate without additional hardware or setup.

The card readers also comply with international ISO 7816-1, 2, and 3 standards for the location of contact points in the reader and the data-exchange I/O asynchronous T0 and T1=1 protocol regulating how readers communicate with the smart card. The Windows card reader is compatible with back-generation CT/API standards as well.

SMK-Link Smart Card Readers Are Fully Compliant With Federally Mandated Standards
The readers comply with important federal regulations governing security issues. They follow U.S. Trade Agreement Act, TAA, manufacturing specifications for products made by countries designated by the United States as WTO trading partners that follow tariff and mutuality safeguards. The readers also meet HBIC standards governing electronic personal banking by computer interface, as well as FIPS 201 government security standards. The Windows card readers are CAC-compatible for government employees, military personnel, and Department of Defense contractors requiring computer-access cards for security and entry functions.

What Operating Systems Are Compatible With SMK-Link Smart Card Readers?
The readers work both with PC and with Mac® computers. They are compatible with current and back generations of Windows OS versions, including Windows XP, Vista®, 7, 8, and 10. They function with Mac® OS X® series versions from 10.6 onward.

What Is the Key Application of SMK-Link Smart Card Readers?
Compliance with U.S. TAA requirements means that the readers are eligible to work with Government Services Administration and Veterans Administration contracts. These GSA and VA schedule contracts support long-term government agreements with commercial firms to provide access to bulk commercial products and services at volume discount pricing. Windows card readers are the commercial interface for government VARs that resell unused fulfillment-contact equipment as entire systems, and for GSA schedule sales of government surplus, seized, and forfeited assets. The readers also serve as the smart-card interface for military computer supplies and government supplier and vendor sales.

What Other Features Do SMK-Link Smart Care Readers Offer?
The readers work with friction-reading technology, so cards just need to be swiped through the reading slot. The readers also contain LED displays that indicate whether they are powered on and whether transactions and ID have been verified. The readers have a durability rating of up to 200,000 card transaction cycles.
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SMK-Link VP3805-TAA Black USB Smart Card Reader
Item : 2419022 / Model : VP3805-TAA
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  • Interface: One 4-pin type A USB
  • Dimensions: 0.5"H x 2.6"W x 2.6"D
  • Form factor: External, Head duty cycle: 200,000
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