S&S® 8-Leg Octaband™

Item #: 14602 | Model #: 17414

About this product

S&S® 8-Leg octaband is made up of stretchy, colorful nylon-spandeX material and is highly adaptable, fun and interactive.

S&S® 8-Leg octaband features center circle which provides strong visual focus. Octaband with 5 1/2" hem attached to wrists is easy to grasp and is recommended for children of 1 year and up.

  • Highly adaptable, fun and interactive
  • Each person is attached to a "Leg"
  • Promote eXercise, playfulness, self-eXpression and more
  • Age group and grade: Ages 1 years and up
  • Size: 5-1/2", eXtends to 78"
  • Material: Made of stretchy, colorful nylon-spandeX material
  • Center circle provides strong visual focus, each person attached to a leg acts independently but remains connected to the group
  • Washable
  • 8-leg octaband for use with 2 to 8 people