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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cell Phone Cases

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a visually appealing and capable smartphone with a wide range of features. It's a significant financial investment, so keeping it protected is important. A Galaxy Note 3 case safeguards the phone from bumps and scratches and also allows the user to customize its appearance. There are many different options for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases, each with unique features.

Maintain a Sleek Phone with a Slim Case
Many people want the protection and security of a phone case without adding a lot of bulk to the look and feel of the phone. A folio-style case replaces the standard-issue battery cover and also adds a folding jacket for the front screen. Because the folio cover is designed to replace the standard backing, it doesn't compromise the phone's weight or thickness. The front cover has a built-in view screen that keeps the notification area of the phone visible at all times. The view screen allows control of the phone through touch or the stylus, so the user can answer calls, view notifications, check the time and play music without even opening the cover. There are several colors available, including white and orange.

Another option is a slip case designed for impact protection. Most cases include two separate layers: an inner layer of rubber or silicone to absorb shock and a hard outer shell, usually made of polycarbonate, for further protection. Some cases are open in the front over the screen, and others have built-in screen protectors. There are some hard cases that offer an easy-grip exterior.

Choose a Wallet Case for Additional Functionality
A wallet case combines the protection of a cover with additional features such as slots for carrying cards. There are different types of wallet Galaxy Note 3 cases. One option is a hard shell case that has a built-in sliding section for secure storage of a few cards. Other styles are hybrids that combine the features of a case, wallet and clutch purse. In this type, the phone is fully enclosed in a folio-style case, and there is additional space for several cards and cash. Some even have a wristlet strap, and many are made of real or synthetic leather and come in several colors.

Use a RuggedGalaxy Note 3 Casefor Serious Protection
Users who live an active lifestyle may prefer an extremely rugged case to protect the phone from water, impacts and dirt. Most heavy-duty cases offer an extremely high level of protection at the expense of a slim profile. Usually made of a combination of polycarbonate and silicone, these cases keep the phone safe from scratches, dirt and shocks. Some models include a belt clip for an additional carrying option. Another common feature is a kickstand for hands-free viewing of the phone.

For those who spend a lot of time outdoors, a waterproof case is a smart choice. Usually waterproof cases enclose the phone entirely for a complete seal. Depending on the model, you may still be able to use the phone's fingerprint identification and even operate the camera underwater.
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Pink Wallet Card Holder Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Item : 24005705 / Model : SAMLEA256
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  • Magnetic fold out stand inside case for viewing pleasure.
  • Custom made for Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
  • Allows access to all ports and switches.
5.99 $5.99
Insten® MyBumper Phone Protector Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 3; White/Solid Pink
Item : 1403271 / Model : 1837561
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  • White/solid pink
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • It will protect your phone from unwanted scratches
6.99 $6.99