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A Sauder® August Hill™ L-shaped desk is an ideal design for a large project. Paperwork fits anywhere on the desktop to cater to individual working preference. A spacious layout makes room for multiple or very large monitors. Multitasking is easier since there is a place for the telephone, external memory, and recording equipment near the computer.

The Sauder August Hill L-Shaped Desk Fits Almost Anywhere
A small office expands to a meeting room with the desk set in the corner, leaving space for extra seating. A desk placed against the wall of the family room makes a compact home office setup without cluttering the dining room table or kitchen counter.

A finished back makes it possible to turn the desk to face the room instead of a wall. Move it away from the wall or even place it in the middle of a room to make space for storage furniture behind it. A Sauder L-shaped desk facing the entryway and waiting room works well as a reception counter, making it easy to greet visitors as they come in the office.

Plenty of Storage Space Makes the Sauder August Hill L-Shaped Desk Versatile
A generous letter-sized drawer takes files off the desk and keeps them in easy reach. A cubbyhole above the drawer leaves space for often-used items without having them on the desktop. The long shelf under the L shaped desk makes a space to store binders, books, and boxed items without crowding. Open holes with grommets let you safely pass wires and power cords through from the outlets under the desk, eliminating tangled cords on the desktop without danger of crimping.

What is the Finish of a Sauder August Hill L-Shaped Desk?
This sturdy desk features engineered wood with a neutral light oak laminated surface to make it an attractive fit in any executive or employee office with any decor. The surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth and does not easily mar, so it keeps a smooth working surface for long-term use.

How Sturdy is a Sauder August Hill L-Shaped Desk?
Metal runners and safety stops keep the file drawer from pulling out too far or falling. A square pedestal under the back corner keeps the desk steady and well balanced. Both sections are the same height and secured with hardware to keep it as stable as a one-piece unit. Its engineering supports the weight of all equipment needed for the job, including a desktop printer.

Will a Sauder August Hill L-Shaped Desk Fit in a Cubicle?
The standard cubicle size is 60 x 60 inches, and the longest side of the desk is 59 inches. This unit fits nicely in the corner of the cubicle without extending beyond the walls. With more desktop space than a single surface in a cubicle, it makes a spacious, more private work area. Each section of the desk is deep enough to accommodate both the monitor and keyboard, or an added keyboard tray fits securely under either side or under the corner, leaving plenty of working area.
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