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Seda France Step Stools & Ladders

For school, work and home, step stools provide an added boost. Staples has Seda France models to meet your needs.

Choosing the Right Step Stool
Knowing which kind of step stool to buy doesn't have to be a challenge. Think about the purpose you have in mind. A low stool can assist a child reach the toilet butf it's for accessing high cupboards it's important to know how much height you need. Knowing these things will help you choose between tall stools that fold away when not in use or shorter molded designs that always stay in place to support the people who need them.

Features To Look for in a Step Stool
High-quality step stools have full steps that support the entire foot. The step platforms should have anti-slip grips to prevent users slipping and falling. Plastic and metal step stools wipe down easily, making them suitable for bathrooms or kitchens. Some stools have extra durability to support heavier loads, holding up to 300 pounds at once. Attractive styles may have designs or color patterns to make them stand out in a space.

Which Step Stools Are Better, Molded or Foldable?
Fit a molded stool around a toilet thanks to its contour, or add one to a corner when it's triangular. Molded stools come in a number of shapes and designs to fit in small spaces or unique locations. Most often made with plastic, molded stools usually support up to 200 pounds, making them good for children or adults. Molded stools stay out in the open at all times, but they have a lightweight design that makes them easy to move when necessary. Foldable step stools don't stay out all the time; they fold to pack away into a closet or lean against a wall. They support at least 200 pounds, and in most instances, are constructed with stainless steel. They may have up to four step platforms, whereas plastic stools typically have two or less.

Can You Stand on the Top Step of a Step Stool?
Unlike step ladders, step stools provide full foot support on any of their levels, including the top step. With step ladders, it's necessary to buy a ladder at least three feet taller than you need, because the top three rungs do not support a person while maintaining optimal balance, but this is not the case with step stools.

What Are the Different Sizes of Step Stools to Consider?
Step stools have between one and four steps. Each is separated by at least 8 inches, though most have 10 to 12 inches between them. The tallest stools are 4 foot high, while the shortest boost you only 8 inches. Models vary in width and shape. Smaller stools under 12 inches wide x 12 inches long create a good platform for children, while larger stools with longer and wider platforms support adults as they climb up.

Whether you require a step stool for a child or adult, Staples has Seda France designer stools that look fashionable while getting the job done.
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Seda France 1-Step Plastic Diamond Folding Step Stool w/ 200 lb. Load Capacity ; Royal Noir
Item : WYF078277902786
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  • Stylish pattern
  • Folds away to save space
  • Rubberized top for safety
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Seda France 1-Step Plastic Toile Leaf Folding Step Stool w/ 200 lb. Load Capacity
Item : WYF078277902784
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  • Stylish patterns and colors
  • Folds away to save space
  • Rubberized top for safety