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Serving Spoons

Silver serving spoons provide a classic touch to an outdoor or indoor reception table and food buffet. Staples® has an extensive selection of stylish, traditional, and reliable serving spoons, tea spoons, and other utensils to use at your next catered party, work celebration, or family gathering.

There Are Many Reasons to Use Serving Spoons at Your Next Party
Spoons are available in plastic, wood, aluminum, and steel to complement any function. Strong and durable, stainless steel serving spoons resist rust and corrosion and are dishwasher safe. Choose stainless steel spoons with an insulated handle to prevent burns. Several types of serving spoons are available, such as a plastic perforated spoon to easily scoop long noodles onto your dish. Decorative aluminum spoons and plastic forks add charm to a breakfast table or dessert station. Wood soup spoons last for many years, and an undecorated surface gives a rustic aesthetic to the serving area. A heat-resistant contoured spoon with an elongated handle allows you to easily stir sauces and gravies inside a deep cooking pot. A spoon with a deep bowl makes it simple to ladle soup into a dish.

Disposable Serving Spoons for Large Outdoor Events
Disposable spoons and knives are convenient. These durable spoons are typically 10 inches long and have a large head, making it easy to scoop food from a serving tray onto your plate. Long, ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip. The lightweight design can withstand consistent use. Disposable spoons make post-party cleanup easy since you can effortlessly toss the utensils into a trash receptacle. The spoons are made of durable plastic and can be used with both hot and cold foods.

Are Wood Serving Spoons Easy to Clean?
Yes. However, avoid soaking wooden spoons for long periods of time. Soaking can make the wood swell and crack. Instead, run warm water over the spoons and scrub the utensils with a soapy sponge. If possible, hang the utensils to air dry, or pat them dry with a towel. You can periodically disinfect the tools with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Once the hydrogen peroxide has been added, wait a few minutes and then rinse the spoons and hang the utensils to dry. Apply food-grade mineral oil to prolong the life of the spoon.

Are Serving Spoons Available in Different Quantities?
Yes, you can find package sizes suitable for the home kitchen or the commercial cafeteria. A two-piece set allows you to use the spoons together to serve portions of salad. The spoons often come in packs of six, so it's easy to stock extra utensils in the household kitchen or office breakroom. Cases of 50 or more spoons are available to cater your next office function, wedding reception, or a housewarming party. Disposable serving spoons and forks are also available in bulk packs of 100 or more for commercial applications. It's easy to keep the office pantry stocked for future events when you buy multiple packs of spoons.

Are Serving Spoons Available in Wedding Colors?
Serving spoons are available in a range of different colors, and many have decorative handles to add a pop of personality. This allows you to coordinate your tableware to match a party's theme.
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Silver Secrets Plastic Utensils Bulk Serving Spoon
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  • Color: Silver
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