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Seventh Generation Maxi Pads

Increasingly, women and workplaces including healthcare facilities prefer to use environmentally-friendly feminine hygiene products. Seventh Generation has a mission to reduce its impact by using materials that are responsibly sourced and utilize fewer harmful chemicals.

Seventh Generation's Low-Impact Philosophy in Action
Free and Clear pads offer many features for the consumer who feel it's important to minimize her impact on the environment. If you have sensitive skin, these maxi pads are fragrance-free to help prevent allergic reactions. They are whitened without chlorine, which prevents certain varieties of hydrocarbons, including dioxin, from entering streams, rivers and oceans through sewers and groundwater.

Some external packaging is made of polyethylene and can be safely recycled through a network of drop-off store programs in local areas throughout the country. Extra-absorbent gel blended in with the padding is derived from wheat, ensuring plenty of coverage while maintaining the company's core, green mission. All of these products are also more safely biodegradable than products found in many other pads.

Contoured Design for Increased Comfort and Confidence
Each pad has an hourglass-like design for a secure, comfortable fit. The no-slip adhesive strips on the bottom ensure that it stays put during any activity. Pads with adhesive wings provide an additional layer of protection to prevent leaking and staining. The thick pulp in the middle is extra absorbent for days when you need as much coverage as possible. A soft, cloth-like cover is non-abrasive and extra comfortable for all-day wear.

What Other Styles are Available?
Depending upon the day of her cycle, women need different levels of absorbency. Overnight pads offer the largest pad available with side wings to hold them securely in place. Thin pads are more streamlined to wear under work clothing or to satisfy individual preferences. Ultra thin pads with wings are available in overnight, super and regular sizes for increased variety. Standard-sized maxi pads provide moderate to regular coverage so all women can find what they need.

Why Use Pantiliners?
Many women like to wear pantiliners to keep their undergarments feeling fresh and dry throughout the month. Seventh Generation liners have just the right level of absorbency to trap liquid away from the skin, ideal for heavy-duty workouts or long days at the office. These liners have the same contoured design and no-slip adhesive as the pads to maximize user confidence. They are also fragrance and chlorine free for girls and women who suffer from skin allergies.

How Can Companies Benefit from These Maxi Pads?
Office managers who are looking to reduce the company's footprint environmentally can maintain the mission with these low-impact sanitary products. Likewise, if you use green products in your restrooms, these support the business's commitment to environmentally safe practices. Doctor's offices and hospitals with a mandate to increase their use of safe products can stock up on these pads and feel confident that they are doing their part.

What Other Conveniences do They Offer?
Individually wrapped pads are easy to stow in a purse, diaper bag or backpack when traveling and commuting. Ordering in bulk provides greater value and increased supply for busy homes and offices. Some products are packaged in cardboard which is easily recyclable.
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Seventh Generation Feminine Care Pads, Maxi Regular, 24/Box
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