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Seymour Wheelbarrows & Lawn Carts

The right wheelbarrow from Seymour offers a convenient way of transporting materials throughout your lawn and garden. Staples carries a variety of carts ranging from standard household options to those that are contractor-grade or sized for children, so there is always a model that fits the job and the user.

Choosing Between Standard and Contractor-Grade Wheelbarrows
The main differences between a contractor-grade and standard wheelbarrow are the wheels and overall strength. Standard wheelbarrows are ideal for small to medium yards with little or no bumps and holes. Contractor models feature knobby tires that work well for areas that are hilly, have rough terrain or have holes. Contractor options also have tires that won't go flat, making them a good choice when working on building projects that involve nails or screws. Look for a contractor product that features two wheels for improved mobility over uneven ground or when moving large amounts of dirt and supplies.

Lawn Carts Offer Ease of Use
Working outdoors in large areas may require lawn carts that are easier to maneuver. These carts have three or four wheels and a handle that lets the user pull the materials to the chosen location. Carts have bigger tires that handle terrain with larger holes and divots for smoother rolling. The additional wheels and ability to push or pull the cart eliminates the need for balancing heavy loads and makes it easier to transport dirt, soil, rocks and other materials over long distances. Consider carts for jobs that don't require dumping materials or where you'd prefer shoveling the contents into the work site.

Are Steel Wheelbarrows the Right Choice?
Seymour steel wheelbarrows offer increased durability that withstands repeated use. The heavier material stands up to rocks and heavy objects without breaking or cracking. Steel doesn't discolor or warp after repeated exposure to the sun, but it can rust if left out in the rain. Consider a steel wheelbarrow for gardening and taking care of maintenance and building projects as it stands up to serious use without showing signs of damage over time.

When Is a Plastic Wheelbarrow the Better Option?
Plastic carts offer a lightweight design that is easier to maneuver throughout the yard or garden. These models are ideal for lighter loads since they can break under intense weight. A plastic children's wheelbarrow makes it simple for the kids to help out and learn the value and pride of working in the garden. Plastic options withstand rain and wetness, but severely hot or cold temperatures may result in cracking.

Are One or Two Wheeled Wheelbarrows Necessary?
Some wheelbarrow models include two wheels, while most traditional options include only one. Carts with one wheel offer increased maneuverability and easier turning over most terrain. A wheelbarrow with one wheel requires less strength to dump the contents but can be more difficult to control with heavy loads. Two-wheeled models increase stability under full or unbalanced loads. These options roll more easily but don't turn as well as those with one wheel.
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Seymour Midwest WB-JR Children's Wheelbarrow
Item : 1259206 / Model : 13500517
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  • Tray Material: Poly
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