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Shark Tank Products

Staples support entrepreneurs and that’s why we’re so excited to team up with the hit TV show Shark Tank. Get business tips and advice from entrepreneurs and shop the innovative products as seen on Shark Tank.

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Meet the Shark Tank Entrepreneurs.

Products seen on Shark Tank are invented by real people like you. See how these everyday inventors came up with their bright ideas!

Tim Stansbury

Inventor of Grease Monkey Wipes

Tim thought of Grease Monkey Wipes when he was on a 100 mile bike ride and got a flat tire and needed a quick, convenient way to clean up on the go.  After creating the product, Tim kept them everywhere - backpack, office drawer, glove compartment -  and would use them to remove everything from grease, oil, ink, adhesives, and markers.

Noam & Irene

Inventors of Bambooee

Bambooee was inspired by a kitchen conversation between husband and wife team, Noam and Irene Krasniansky. Irene didn’t want to use paper towels anymore after she learned that only 7% of the Brazilian rainforest was still intact. Noam set out to develop a paper towels made out of a sustainable and renewable resource.

Elyse & Nick

Inventors of Bantam Bagels

The idea for Bantam Bagels, bite-sized, stuffed bagel balls, came to Nick in a dream. Crispy and chewy, "Bantams, come stuffed with artisan cream cheeses, are great for munching on the go and are perfect for meetings or events. The selection may make it hard to choose, but luckily the treats' small size makes it easy to sample several!

Jeffrey & Marc

Inventors of Drop Stop

Drop Stop blocks the gap between your vehicle's seat and center console. It was conceived after running off the road when reaching for a fallen cell phone. They wanted to invent something to help reduce driver distraction. Drop Stop is the only solution that provides 100% gap protection.

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