Shoe Racks

Shoe racks and organizers are a simple way to keep things organized in the closet, and they have the added benefit of protecting nice footwear from the kinds of scuffs and dings. Without a shoe rack, boots, sandals and heels end up in the way, scattered around the closet or across the bedroom floor. Staples offers a complete selection of closet organizers that will increase usable closet space and organize your belongings. Plastic storage drawers are another great option for storing away your smaller accessories.

A Place for Every Shoe

The biggest advantage of using shoe racks is the extra storage space they add to closets. Usually, shoes are consigned to a narrow strip of floor below hanging clothes, effectively wasting precious vertical storage space. Metal, plastic and wooden shoe racks add shelves that put this area to good use, doubling or tripling shoe storage. For larger shoe collections, taller shoe storage solutions with many adjustable shelves provide even more space, and they can accommodate shoes and boots of varying sizes. Shoe organizers are also an excellent way to keep gardening shoes or galoshes organized in the garage or mud room.

To completely clear closet floors, consider a hanging shoe rack. Some of these products hang from closet rods, while others attach to the back of a door. Many rod-style hanging shoe organizers are made from soft fabrics that won't scuff shoe finishes, and hanging door organizers are an excellent way to add out-of-the-way storage to small apartment closets. Pocket-style shoe storage solutions can also double as storage for socks or small personal accessories. You can even use them to store kid's toys, pantry items or cleaning supplies.

Keep Shoes in Shape

In addition to shoe racks, Staples also carries a variety of boot and shoe trees. Insert these products into your shoes before putting them away to ensure footwear retains its shape and to keep tall boots from folding. Wooden shoe trees, which are often made from insect-repelling cedar, absorb moisture, extending the life of expensive leather shoes. Most shoe trees are adjustable, so they can accommodate any size shoe.

Seasonal Shoe Storage

There's no need to waste precious closet storage space on off-season shoes. Staples offers box shoe storage solutions that fit under the bed. Most of these shoe organizers hold a dozen or more pairs of shoes, providing plenty of space for summer sandals or winter boots. They also have transparent zippered covers that give dust protection without hiding the box contents. If under-bed storage isn't an option, stackable shoe racks with closing shelves or shoe storage boxes provide the same shoe protection, but they do require a bit more space.

Shoe racks add extra usable storage space to closets and keep expensive footwear organized and scuff free. There are many shoe storage solutions available at Staples, making it easy to find one that matches the amount of storage needed and the space available.

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