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Sign language books use vibrant pictures and easy-to-see fonts to help everyone from preschoolers to adults master basic words and phrases in American Sign Language. Flip through the pages of educational books from reputable publishers, such as Key Education and Garlic Press, to learn new terms.

Appeal to a Variety of Learning Styles
Combine visual and auditory learning techniques by reading the words from sign language books aloud as you share each colorful page with your students. Pass around the included flash cards, or engage students in an activity suggested by one of the educational books so that kinesthetic learners can also master the terms easily.

Help Non-Verbal Students Communicate
American Sign Language lets hearing-impaired students communicate effectively, but non-verbal students without a diagnosed hearing impairment can also benefit from sign language books. Children with sensory processing disorders or autism can learn simple terms that express their wants and needs, such as "eat" or "bathroom," by studying the books with a parent or special-needs teacher. If a medical condition makes it physically difficult for a child to curve his fingers into different signs, encourage the child to select one of the included flash cards that shows a picture of what he wants.

Eye-Catching Images
Capture the attention of your classroom by reading sign language books with vivid, generously sized images. Some books feature photos of children and adults performing the signs, so your students can see exactly how the words and phrases are supposed to look. Some of the colorful, educational books contain small pieces, such as puzzles or flash cards, so consider keeping a few lidded storage containers on hand so the pieces don't get lost.

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