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Welcome to the Small Business Center

At Staples, you can find more every day. More products, like the latest technology, and more value, including Staples Rewards and our price match guarantee, all for less. So, whether you own a retail store, run a busy restaurant, manage a medical office or connect in the classroom, we’re here to grow your business, every day of the year.

Who doesn't love getting rewarded? Up to 5% back in rewards in store and online. Free shipping on® Price match guarantee. Pay the lowest price every time you shop. Why spend more? Save every day. Staples products.

Expert Advice for Your Small Business

Your Tip

“Make a short list at the end of each day of the top 5 things you need to accomplish the following day. Then start each day with the top 5 list.”

—Kerry Holyoak,
Management Consultant & Mediator and Staples® SUCCEED Network Member

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