About this product

Smead FasTab letter-sized hanging file folders have three different tab positions so you can quickly look for the correct file.

The moss-green color differentiates itself from other colors when you have a color-coded filing system. Plastic tabs on either end of the hanging file folders keep documents secure and within easy reach, while the built-in tabs eliminate the need for removable plastic folder tabs that take extra staff time to make, print and install.

  • Moss-green in color and made from paper stock
  • Plastic tabs on either end work with metal rods for security
  • Accommodates letter sized papers and files
  • Scored for 3/4" to hold several pages at once
  • Three tabs at 1/3 cut for convenience
  • Hand-write on tab or apply self-adhesive labels for customization
  • No plastic tabs required for convenience
  • Stronger than standard hanging file folders for durability
  • Holds around 100 pages
  • Contains 20 folders per box
  • Up to 10% post-consumer content for sustainability

The reinforced tab bar within each folder ensures that these items withstand everyday use. This makes the file folders easier to move when you have heavy loads, which comes in handy for busy offices with a lot of files in one drawer. Paper stock overlays these bars a few inches down from the top to prevent tearing if you're scooting a lot of files all at once. Expandability up to 3/4 inch holds several pages at once for better organization while keeping similar pages together.

Built-In Tabs
Staggered, built-in tabs at 1/3 cut allow you to customize the labels on each file, whether you hand-write labels on each one or print labels on your in-house printer. Simply print out a new label and place it over the old one to recycle the tab. Use a dark pen, or different colors of pen ink, to make individual labels stand out.

Bulk Packaging
A bulk pack of 20 saves money versus ordering smaller packs. Knowing how many file folders you need throughout the year lets you order folders all at once instead of piece-meal throughout the budget year, saving you staff time so you can focus on your core business.