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Soft Comfort CorPak Hot & Cold Therapy

Soft Comfort CorPak Display, 6 x 20 inch
Item : 376208 / Model : ACC-552-DSPAK
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  • Filled with non-toxic, biodegradable mud that holds the therapeutic temperatures well past the recommended therapy times
  • Remains malleable whether hot or cold and forms to the body to ensure therapeutic contact on the entire injury
  • Long lasting and reusable
100.0 $100.00
Soft Comfort CorPak Display, 10 x 13 inch
Item : 376223 / Model : ACC-551-DSPAK
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  • Filled with Non-toxic, Biodegradable Mud That Holds The Therapeutic Temperatures Well Past The Recommended Therapy Times
  • Remains Malleable Whether Hot Or Cold and Forms To The Body To Ensure Therapeutic Contact On The Entire Injury
  • Long Lasting and Reusable
67.82 $67.82