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Sonicwall Routers

By offering high-speed connectivity and top-of-the-line security, a SonicWall™ router helps keep your business or office running smoothly and efficiently. Loaded with features including an 802.11n networking standard, these units ensure you experience reliable wireless coverage. Staples® carries a variety of routers to keep your devices connected while protecting your network.

SonicWall Routers Offer Exceptional Speed and Range
To prevent slowdown and lags in the office or business, it is crucial to select a SonicWall router that offers fast speeds. When connecting multiple network-enabled devices, a dual or tri-band model is the right choice as they broadcast over more than one radio frequency, essentially dividing up the bandwidth and preventing devices from interfering with one another. Along with speed, it is also important to look at the range of a router. Antennas play a part in how far a signal projects from the unit and generally, models with more antennas cover a wider area. Some even have up to six to cover more space in larger buildings.

SonicWall Routers Ensure a Secure Network
Routers use security protocols to protect information and to keep people from accessing a network without permission. Each model has different features when it comes to security including WPA and WPA2, both of which encrypt information before transmitting it over the network. Firewalls are found on many SonicWall routers and they scan incoming and outgoing traffic to protect systems from malware. Other security features found on routers are antivirus software, password protection, and anti-malware programs. Many models use more than one type of security for advanced safety.

SonicWall Features for a Solid Connection
SonicWall routers come loaded with features to enhance the networking experience. Some have PoE injectors to allow for both wired and wireless connections. While wireless use has many benefits, using an Ethernet cable for high-traffic devices can improve speed and performance. Many routers also have ports for connecting network cables or peripherals. For instance, a router with USB ports lets you store files and transport them to a different location if needed. Other users on the network can also access the hard drive while connected. Some models have power, test model, WLAN, and LAN indicators to alert users of the unit's status.

What Are Omnidirectional Antennas?
A router's antenna plays a role in how far from the unit a signal reaches. The units typically feature fixed or omnidirectional antennas. A fixed antenna does not move, but with an omnidirectional antenna, you can move it to receive a stronger signal in specific areas. Some routers even allow you to add antennas.

What Are Virtual Access Points?
A virtual access point uses a network connected system to allow other devices to connect to the internet via a wireless signal. This wireless signal is accessible by anyone within a certain range. Some routers have multiple access points that allow you to set different permissions for various groups. For example, you can assign different permissions for employees and guests accessing the network.

How Many Devices Can Connect to a Router?
Some can accommodate up to 256 devices at one time. When connecting that many devices, however, the network is subject to slower speeds and lag. Using two compatible routers can eliminate slow downs when connecting a very large amount of devices.
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Sonicwall SonicPoint N2 450 Mbps Wireless Access Point with PoE Injector
Item : IM1YE3512
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  • Wireless access point with PoE injector gives better signal quality and reliable wireless coverage
  • Dimensions: 1.5"H x 6.9"W x 6.9"D
  • Color: White