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Customize your lesson plan with special needs books that help each child learn at his or her own pace. Books from Evan-Moor, Newmark Learning, and Teacher Created Resources provide kid-friendly lessons that are educational and fun, ensuring student success no matter the starting level.

Teach Simple Skills
Help kids learn to follow directions and complete group work or re-teach basic math and phonics skills on a one-on-one basis to kids who have fallen behind with special needs books. Basic skill books can help kids master what they need to know and prevent children from falling behind, while books dealing with specific subjects, such as math or foreign languages, can boost skills in a specific problem area.

Monitor Student Progress
Monitor how well each student is doing in class with progress-monitoring assessment books that include tests and exercises to find out what kids have learned. Special needs books with grade-specific assessments can help you determine which children in a class need extra help and which are working beyond the current average class level. Teaching resources make it easy to use the data gathered from assessments to create customized learning plans for individual students in your class.

Challenge Gifted Kids
Gifted kids need help avoiding boredom, and special needs books that give them an extra challenge can make lessons more enjoyable. Books focused on science, geography, and social studies concepts give children a more comprehensive worldview and let them incorporate math and reading skills into other areas of learning. Choose books slightly above a gifted child's grade level to encourage mental exploration of challenging topics.

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