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Stanco Gardening Aprons

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When you're getting ready to dig down into the dirt and prepping your flowering bushes ready for spring, a gardening apron keeps your tools handy and your clothes clean. Select from options for both men and women in a multitude of styles and colors. Staples carries all sorts of gardening supplies from popular brands like Stanco to keep you prepared for planting season all year long.

Bib Gardening Aprons Keep You Dirt-Free
A bib apron covers your upper half to prevent dirt and grass stains from accumulating on your shirt while you're digging and planting. Sealed and treated fabrics are easy to clean off with a hose so the apron stays clean as well. Adjustable neck loops and halter-style ties provide a custom fit. Utility pockets in the bib keep important tools readily accessible. Front pockets also allow you to organize seed packets while you're planting and stash other accessories like steaks and pens for marking your seed rows. Extra-long, full body bib aprons cover both the torso and more of your legs for increased protection.

Waist Aprons Give You Options
Waist aprons tie or clip around the waist if you prefer to have your torso uncovered. Sashes that tie in the back guarantee a snug fit for every body type. Select from coated fabrics with colorful prints that are stain resistant and fun to wear at the same time. Lightweight materials help you stay cool even on hot days in the sun. Extra accessory pockets keep cell phones safe and dry, so you never miss an incoming call or text. Additional tool loops provide increased access to your most frequently used devices.

Enjoy Durable Fabrics and Versatile Design
Adjustable clip closures in the back are customizable for many body types. Heavy-duty tool pockets along the front store your most commonly used gardening devices including hand trowels, pruning shears, cultivating tools and other gardening apparel like gloves. Sturdy canvas materials resist tearing so you can keep tools stored in the apron while you're not working. Heavy-duty snaps, exterior clips and rear pockets provide further storage for every tool you need.

Select from Fashionable Styles
If you love floral patterns, gardening aprons with festive prints bring a little flash of color to your morning of digging and planting. Women may like feminine details like ruffles and contrasting trim. Monochrome canvases are versatile for many members of the family. Celebrate your favorite holidays with red, white and blue patterns or show off your whimsical side with novelty photo prints.

Deep Pockets Haul Your Fresh Goodies
When it's time to pick your squash, green beans and lettuce, deep harvest pockets give you a safe place to store them until you get inside. Durable nylon pickers aprons have extra large pouches for carrying bushels of fruits and veggies. Soft edges don't bruise delicate stone fruit and tomatoes. Industrial-strength textiles are resistant to wear and tear even when you're carting a heavy load into the house or gardening shed.

Other Practical Uses for Your New Gardening Apron
Keep food stains from building up on your favorite shirt while you're grilling with your bib apron. The front pockets also serve as ideal spots to store grilling tools, spices and barbecue sauce during cookout season. Utility aprons are also flexible to wear while you're doing other household chores like washing the dishes.
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Stanco Aluminized Rayon Bib Apron, AR36B
Item : 198183
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  • Material: Aluminized rayon
  • Length: 36"
  • Good reflectivity and radiant heat protection, economical, low burn-through resistance
49.89 $49.89
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