Staples Electronics Air Duster, Slight Ethereal, 4/Pack (SPL10ENFR-4)

Item #: 718862 | Model #: SPL10ENFR-4

About this product

Keep delicate electronics and hard-to-reach computer components clean and debris-free with this 4-pack of Staples 10-ounce electronics dusters.

Maintain office equipment and easily remove dust, dirt and debris from electronics with this 4-pack of 10-ounce electronics dusters. Featuring an easy-to-use design, these dusters deliver concentrated streams of compressed air that blast crumbs and debris out of hard-to-reach areas without damaging delicate electronic components. These Staples electronics dusters fit easily in desk drawers and make it easy to keep debris out of keyboards and computers.

  • Air duster is perfect for removing dust or debris from sensitive electronic devices
  • Odor/Scent: Bitterant
  • Form: 152a liquified gas
  • Has 10 oz. capacity
  • Compressed gas duster is perfect for getting crumbs out of your keyboard
  • Contains four air dusters per pack
  • Safety Data Sheet
Keep electronic equipment clean without damaging any internal parts by using this Staples Electronics duster. Spray the contents on hard-to-reach areas to quickly clear them of dust and debris, removing dirt and extending the life of your technology. A slightly ethereal scent keeps your office smelling fresh.

Easy to Use
Aim the duster at the area you want to clean, and squeeze the trigger to instantly shoot a burst of compressed air straight at your target. Watch as dirt and debris fly out of tiny cracks and crevices, amazing you with the cleaning power of this 10-ounce duster.

Convenient Packaging
Don't be afraid to use this duster daily since you can stock up with enough of this 4-pack duster to keep your office equipment clean for several weeks. The 10-ounce duster cans are slim and easy to store in a closet or desk drawer without taking up a lot of space.

Designed for Safety
Protect your valuable technology by cleaning it with this duster filled with safe liquefied gas. Avoid possible damage caused by liquid cleaners and rough handling. An added bitterant gives this duster an unpleasant taste to discourage its use as an inhalant.