Staples Gift Cards

Staples gift cards help you celebrate an employee's birthday or anniversary with the company. You can use them to reward employees for a job well done or give them out as the prize for a contest. Several card designs and denominations from $25 to $100 make it easy to give out the perfect card for every occasion.

Several Designs

You can choose from several designs when you pick Staples gift cards. Choose a design that represents the event or your company to help the recipient remember where the card came from.

$25 Increments

These Staples gift cards are available in $25 increments up to $100, giving you the flexibility to give out just the right denomination for any occasion.

Versatile Spending

The recipient of the Staples gift card can choose what to buy. Whether the person wants to buy basic supplies or save for something more significant, Staples gift cards make a great gift.