Staples Concealed Blade Letter Opener, Black, 2/Pack (18006)

Item #: 815014 | Model #: 18006 | Customer #: PS:GooglePLAs:815014

About this product

Open stacks of mail efficiently with this 2-pack of black Staples letter openers.

Make neat, clean cuts as you open incoming mail using this 2-pack of Staples letter openers. Made of strong plastic for durability, these letter openers feature an innovative design with a concealed stainless steel blade for safety. These Staples letter openers glide through envelopes quickly and easily, unsealing adhesive efficiently, so you can process high volumes of incoming mail at a rapid pace.

  • Concealed blade letter opener for fast and efficient letter opening
  • Comes in black color, features plastic body and stainless steel blade
  • Letter opener is 2.75" long
  • Comes as a pack of two
Avoid inevitable paper cuts with the Staples letter opener. The black plastic shell conceals the blade to prevent accidental slips. The letter opener effortlessly unseals your letters, allowing you to deal with high volumes of correspondence in no time.

Innovative Design
The Staples letter opener is cleverly designed with an insertion slot for your letters. The envelope quickly passes over the concealed blade, leaving a clean tear that won't damage the important letter inside.

Safe for Anyone to Use
Traditional metal letter openers have a knifelike design that can be harmful if not handled properly. The Staples letter opener solves that problem with safer plastic materials and a covered blade. The safety feature is especially useful for businesses run from homes or that involve children.

Plastic Construction
The plastic exterior is designed to accommodate your everyday business tasks. The outside of the letter opener provides durability against normal wear and tear, and the covered blade is protected from elements that could dull or tarnish it.