About this product

Hold documents securely with this 50-box of Staples letter-size manila reinforced-tab fastener folders.

Add these letter-size manila reinforced-tab fastener folders to your filing system for a high-quality filing experience. Each folder has two fasteners at positions one and three that help to secure papers while subdividing them into multiple groups, while the reinforced tabs make it ideal for daily use. These Staples manila reinforced-tab fastener folders are constructed with sturdy 11-point manila stock for strong durability.

  • 11 pt. manila paper stock is long-lasting and durable
  • Single end tab keeps filing and reordering files simple
  • Letter-size folders hold important files with ease
  • 50 folders store and organize vital documents
  • Contains 10% total recycled content with 10% post-consumer content
Staples manila end-tab fastener folders keep your documents secure and protected even under intensive use. Reinforced tabs allow for repeated reuse as they're easy to label and resist tearing under stress. The up to 3-inch expansion capacity lets these files grow with your project. The standard-weight 11-point stock holds up well and features composition from 10 percent post-consumer materials for an extra ecofriendly bonus.

Holds Up Well
These Staples manila end-tab fastener folders are designed for use in busy environments such as doctors offices, law firms and offices. The reinforced tab lets you re-label and reuse these hardy folders again and again. The standard 11-point stock used for these fastener folders make for easy transfer of documents and secure document storage when not in use.

High Capacity
The 3-inch expansion lets your project grow and keeps your archives organized, even with a multitude of documents. Patient files and legal records are easy work for the tear-resistant card stock backed up with the benefits of the single tab-design of these reinforced fastener folders.

Do your part to help the environment with these Staples fastener folders. The robust card stock made from 10 percent post-consumer materials helps lessen your office's carbon footprint and reduce the impact of deforestation.