Staples Mini Correction Tape, White, 6/Pack (34786)

Item #: 611278 | Model #: 34786

About this product

Correct errors in one stroke with this 6-pack of Staples mini correction tape.

Fix errors in documents quickly and easily with this correction tape. This dual-action correction tape lets you pull to apply over lines or push to correct letters, making it simple to fix errors. This correction tape lets you fax and photocopy papers without creating shadows or lines so documents look accurate and professional. This 6-pack of Staples mini correction tape is ideal for stocking up.

  • Compact size is ideal for planners, purses, and backpacks
  • Dry and clean correction tape allows for immediate writing
  • Comes in traditional white
  • Dimensions: 0.2"W x 19.7'L
  • Sold as six per pack
  • Dual action - pull for line correction, push for letter correction
  • Safety Data Sheet

Easily correct your documents after they have been printed by using this six pack of mini correction tape. Each of the six dispensers has tape that is one-fifth of an inch high and 234 inches long, for a total length of 1,404 inches.

Correct Lines or Individual Letters
It's easy to use the correction tape dispensers to change a single letter or a whole line. Just push to correct one letter and pull to correct a line. The correction tape works well on this copy paper.

Make the Correction Immediately
The tape is dry, so you can make the correction right after you've applied it. There's no need to waste time waiting for wet fluid to dry.

High-Quality Faxes and Photocopies
This correction tape does not leave shadows that will mar your faxes and photocopies. If you use it, no one will be able to tell you changed the document by looking at faxes or photocopies you make from it