Staples SPL-250 10-Digit Display Calculator

Staples SPL-250 10-Digit Display Calculator

Item #: 466467 | Model #: SPL-250
Staples SPL-250 10-Digit Display Calculator
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Product ID: 466467
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Get the power to handle large numbers, calculate selling prices, and easily correct mistakes with this Staples 10-digit-display calculator.

Solve a variety of common and financial math problems with this easy-to-use 10-digit display calculator. Built-in mark up, percentage, and grand total functions make it easy to solve a variety of financial problems, while the backspace key lets you correct input mistakes without starting over. This Staples 10-digit display calculator stays charged and ready for use with a built-in solar panel and battery backup.

  • Desktop calculator offers 10-digit LCD display for convenient viewing
  • Easy-to-use solution for all of your basic math needs
  • Dimensions: 5.71"W x 5.51"L
  • Can be operated from solar power or battery, so you can use it both day and night
  • Square root, percent, sign change, backspace, and grand total functions help you solve a variety of mathematical problems
  • Auto power-off feature prevents unwanted or unintentional use of the battery
  • Angled display is easy on the eyes
  • Comes in silver color
  • Product Instructions
Perform multiple functions with Staples SPL-250 calculator. Calculations have been made simple on this easy-to-use device. You no longer have to have a complicated calculator to get difficult work done.

Easy Viewing and Use
The SPL-250 Staples calculator was created with a design that allows users to do their work with less stress and less squinting. The 10-digit display calculator features big buttons and large font. The keyboard has a large layout that makes it comfortable for people with all hand sizes to utilize. This decreases stress on the eyes while spending hours going over important figures.

This electronic calculator contains many functions, including mark up, percentage, square root, backspace and grand total. It can be used for yard sales, homework, taxes and to solve many additional mathematical problems. The numerous options allow the calculator to serve diverse functions. People in the sales or business industry can use the mark up function to find the selling price of merchandise and establish profit quickly. The dual power source and the auto power off button are great ways to conserve energy and save your battery. Staples brand also has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that ensures your contentment with the calculator.