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Premium Office Seating by Steelcase

Creating Great Experiences, Wherever Work Happens

At Steelcase, we know the importance of creating great experiences wherever work happens. By studying the workplace and its people, we recognize the real, immediate impact of one’s physical environment on mood, productivity and wellbeing. We work to translate these insights into innovative solutions that help you love how you work?.

Craftsmanship Quality

For over a century, Steelcase has built a reputation on delivering beautiful, high quality products with an industry-leading commitment to environmental responsibility. We’re so sure you’ll love your new purchase that we’ve backed it by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring its place in your workspace for years to come.

Human-Centered Design Approach

When it comes to design, Steelcase delivers more than meets the eye. Following a rigorous 6-step design process, the Steelcase WorkSpace Futures team studies the components of work, workers and the workplace, gaining insights that are applied to everything we make. This kind of human-centered design ensures that our solutions not only look great, but are engineered with your wellbeing in mind.

Commitment to Creating Good, Not Just Creating Goods

Steelcase believes it’s no longer enough to create great products. Instead, to be the best in the world, our products must be the best for the world. That’s why we measure the impact of our work and weigh the cost of research and design with each step we take.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is more than a footnote in our company’s history. Steelcase’s renewable energy investments account for more than 100 percent of our global electricity consumption, making us the 15th largest renewable energy purchaser in the United States. We’ve also reduced our global energy use by 60 percent since 2001.

At Steelcase, we’re serious about minimizing our carbon footprint and leading the way with products designed to stay true to these stewardship values.


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