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Storage Room

A shift to electronic records across a number of industries doesn't mean paper has disappeared from offices altogether. Keep necessary paper documents organized with storage room supplies from Staples Brand Products. Quality filing solutions, including folders and cabinets, can be reused for years to come, helping you save money and boost the bottom line.

Create Helpful Filing Methods
Every business has different needs when it comes to managing company records efficiently, which is why customizable filing options are important. Select from a range of cabinets, boxes and paper storage devices to create records-retention solutions that work for you. Couple file boxes with hanging folders for easy access to items, and consider color-coding folders or tabs to provide visual cues to workers. For specialty needs, classification folders provide additional options.

Versatile Archiving and Storage Options
Companies in regulated industries, including finance and health, may need to retain documents for many years. Adequately archiving your records can be a challenge in any office space, which is why boxes and crates are a much-welcomed value for storage rooms. Even if archived records aren't an issue, storage drawers help organize supplies and keep closets and small rooms from becoming cluttered.

Desk Organization
The paper trail doesn't begin in the file or storage room, which is why Staples Brand Products low-cost desk organizers are so popular. Let workers keep track of documents and records and remove paper disarray from the immediate work space. Wall files and hanging folder holders make it easy to see where records are, and may help supervisors understand which departments or employees are swamped with work. From a freshly printed page to year-old documents, file solutions let you keep track of and easily access information.

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