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Bankers box organizer

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File away important documents
with Bankers Boxes, plastic file
boxes and more.

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Storage Bins
and Containers

Keep areas tidy by packing items
away in reusable plastic bins, media
boxes and more.

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Store, stack or stow away items in
plastic storage drawers, under-bed
storage drawers and more.

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Decorative Boxes and

Organize anything in style, from office
supplies and files to toys and holiday

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Customize how you organize with
space-saving, adaptable,
multipurpose storage cubes.

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Find all your closet storage needs,
from organizers and systems to
garment and shoe racks.

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Storage solutions can help you be more efficient and achieve your organization goals by reducing clutter around the home and office. Use them to keep financial records in order, straighten out a garage full of sporting equipment or to hold clothes and linens. Storage containers also protect the items they contain from dust and incidental damage. Labeled or clear plastic storage bins make it easy to find what you're looking for, no matter how full they are. Staples offers a variety of storage options to fit almost any home or business need.

Document and File Storage

Every home or office has vital records and documents that must be stored, sometimes for years. File storage boxes are custom-built to fill this need. For bulk storage, cardboard file boxes are an economical solution. They're easy to label, have built-in handles and fold flat when they're not in use. For transporting documents or if moisture is a concern, plastic storage bins may be a good choice. Plastic file boxes are easier to stack, and some include built-in rails for hanging files. Both these storage solutions are sized to hold standard legal or letter sized papers and folders and have tight-fitting lids that keep contents secure.

Quick-Access Storage

Organizing the accessories and tools you use every day calls for a different kind of storage container, one that offers easy access to stored items. For larger items, bookcases or wire racks are a good choice, providing both structured storage space and easy access. For smaller items, consider using plastic storage drawers. Many drawer systems combine file storage with space for desk accessories, office supplies and personal items. Some even have wheels so you can tuck these storage solutions out of sight when you’re not using them.

Boxes for Large and Small Items

Plastic storage bins can organize a variety of items and are rugged enough to stand up to rough handling and heavy loads. These types of storage containers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, making it easy to find a box that will fit the storage task at hand. Most plastic storage bins are transparent, so contents are visible at a glance, but some are made from opaque materials that offer more discreet storage. Many bins and totes are designed to stack, conserving floor space. Almost all plastic storage containers come with snap-on lids that protect against dust and damage.

Attractive Storage Solutions

Efficient storage can declutter and add color and texture to a room at the same time. Decorative storage containers combine style with practicality and often feature unique finishes such as sturdy cloth, rustic rattan or colorful plastic. Ornamental storage solutions are often designed to display their contents, so they may not work for every storage need, but many come with practical lids and labels. Others include drawers or zip closures to keep their contents secure.

Choosing the right storage solution for the job can make you more efficient and productive. From clear plastic storage bins for arts and crafts materials to heavy-duty office file storage boxes, there's a different type of container for every storage need.

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