Store Shelving

Store Shelving - Display Items to Draw In Customers - Use store shelving to display items in an attractive manner to catch the eyes of customers. Adjust shelves as needed when inventory changes or to display additional items to further increase profits. Choose from many colors and configurations to suit your store's needs.

Adjustable for Changing Needs
Many store shelving units are height adjustable to fit the items you wish to store or display. A pegboard display has multiple holes so that hooks or baskets can be inserted at various heights to accommodate a wide variety of retail items. As your business grows, you may be able to add additional shelves to many units to display more items for sale.

Choose Your Finish
Shelves and shelf fixtures can be bought in an assortment of different colors and finishes to match your store. For example, a steel finish is simple and gives off a modern or industrial vibe. Many metal and plastic shelves come in basic colors such as black or white, as well as neutrals tones that easily match or complement your store decor. Wood shelves may be finished with a clear coat to enhance natural beauty, or stained for a more refined look.

Weight Capacity
Depending on the type of shelf you get, the amount of weight it can bear will vary. A pegboard shelf is designed to hold just a few pounds at a time and is generally used for display. For heavier items, basic chrome shelves might be able to bear a load up to 200 pounds, whereas boltless steel shelves that are often used for heavy commercial storage may accept 1,000 pounds of evenly-distributed weight.

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