About this product

Get resilient covers for important papers with this QuickFit 2-inch round-ring white view binder.

Protect documents with this white view binder. The 2-inch round rings let pages turn smoothly and can hold up to 400 standard sheets of paper, while the easy-open triggers offer effortless operation. This QuickFit white view binder is built with PVC-free vinyl material that prevents toner smudging and releases fewer harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process, making it a great choice for the environment.

  • White view binder is an excellent choice for storing and organizing loose sheets
  • Three round rings for easy page turning
  • Holds up to 400 sheets
  • Insert a custom label into the spine pocket for easy identification of the contents
Safe Archival Option
This Stride QuickFit 2-inch round ring binder features a nonstick cover made of PVC-free vinyl, which prevents toner stains from blemishing the enclosed files. Chrome-plated rings hold about 400 sheets, protecting locked pages from wrinkles and rips. Two clear pockets on the front and back covers provide a safe place for unpunched files and ensure quick access to surplus documents.

Front and Spine Customization
Built with a clear overlay on the front and spine, this Stride QuickFit white view binder is a convenient solution for professional-looking presentations. The overlay design permits the use of custom-made title inserts, printed on letter-size sheets of paper. Use free downloadable templates to create different cover pages to suit each of your projects, and personalize the spine and front cover in one movement.