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3M™ Doodlebug™ Hi Productivity Utility Pad, Black, 40/Pack (8550)
Item #849849
Model #8550
  • Uniform coating throughout every 3M™ Doodlebug™ pad reduces the number of knots and clumps.
  • Will not be significantly affected by water, detergents, or cleaners normally used for floor maintenance.
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Use stripping pads to remove old surface finishes like wax build-up and solvent-loosened paint. Use them to scour-clean hardy surfaces containing a build-up of dirt, calcium-lime residue, rust accumulation, or stains and rubber marks. These pads work on textured surfaces, tile and grout, stone, marble, and concrete, and they have commercial applications in offices, classrooms, health-care facilities, and restaurant kitchens. They are ideal for rejuvenating surfaces or prepping them for refinishing. Find stripping pads, scrubbers, sponges, and other cleaning supplies at Staples®.

Stripping Pads Are Abrasive But Safe on Surfaces
Many pads, also called stripping sponges or cleaning brushes, consist of polyester and nylon fibers. The fibers are woven in an open-web design, with abrasive particles interspersed between the weaves. A resin polymer bonds the fibers and particles uniformly to the surface of the pad. This uniform design provides an even surface without knots or clumps, thus minimizing any scratching below the finish, residue, or film being removed. They are reversible and hold up well to continued use with solvents and detergents for stripping and scouring surfaces.

Stripping Pads Come in Different Sizes for Different Holders
Electric-powered stripping machines hold circular pads that work well for buffing. Rectangular stripping-sponge pads can remove finishes and build-up in tight corners and up against surfaces like baseboards without marring them. The rectangular pads come in two dimensions for two different brush heads. One style of stripping pad head attaches to a long handle with a pivoting neck, so the user can stand upright to strip or clean surfaces at different angles, in, around, and under permanent structures. Another head type attaches to a cleaning-brush block, with an ergonomic, contoured handle that lets users manipulate the pad to hand-strip or scrub small, narrow spaces for detailed work. Most pads attach to the heads easily with hook and loop or other fastening systems.

Are Stripping Pads Appropriate for Normal Surface Cleaning?
A stripping pad is designed for removing built-up or caked-on finishes. It will clean everyday dirt and grime from surfaces, but may be too aggressive if not used gently. Many come in kits that include other, less textured pads for cleaning and polishing surfaces. Some are available in different colors as part of an entire cleaning system. The 3M™ Doodlebug™ cleaning system consists of black stripping pads and brown scouring pads with different degrees of abrasion for stripping and scouring. Their blue pads are for medium-duty, everyday cleaning, and the white pads are for cleaning delicate surfaces.

Are Stripping Pads Reusable after Application?
Most can be used several times if cared for correctly. Dipping the pads in detergents or diluted stripping solvents will begin to loosen the residue remaining on the pad after stripping or scouring. A pressure hose or a spray-nozzle attachment will provide enough force to remove the loosened debris fully without affecting the weave or the abrasive particles.

Do Stripping Pads Come in Cost-Saving Packages?
Schools and commercial establishments can buy stripping pads in bulk for significant cost savings. Many come in boxes containing up to 10 pads. Bulk cartons contain up to 8 boxes, for a total of 80 pads per case.