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Super Moss Grow Bags

Super Moss grow bags help nourish plants from seeds to full bloom on a deck, patio or even in a yard. They make an excellent alternative to tilling and digging up your land, and it's possible to use quality soil that's rich in nutrients right from the start. They also work well for people who have little or no land, such as those who live in apartment complexes or condos, yet still want to put their green thumb to use.

Many Sizes Suit Different Growing Needs

Grow bags come in multiple sizes and configurations to suit nearly any sized space. They come in round pot shapes, to grow individual flowers or to nurse a sapling prior to planting it in the ground. They also come in squares and rectangles, which can measure several feet wide, giving you plenty of space to nourish a vegetable garden without digging up your yard. The benefit of using these bags is that they provide a lower cost for planting, eliminating the need for separate planters. Many are reusable with proper sterilization to eliminate any potential bacteria that might have affected other plants you've grown.

Vertical Planter Bags Offer Versatility
If you're planning to grow herbs or small flowers, and you're limited on space, consider a vertical planter. It hangs on a wall and has several pockets to hold soil and seeds, offering a stable environment for them to grow. Vertical grow bags are excellent options for apartments or condos with no property and they work equally well if you hang them on a trellis or fence to create a living wall. They offer an eco-friendly option as well, as many are made from recycled PET plastic bottles.

Root Pouches Increase Growth Capability
Root pouches have the same function, although you can use them in a more permanent manner by actually planting them in the ground. They have a breathable texture that circulates air around the roots and a soft fabric design that prevents the roots from circling. Some are degradable and begin to break down within as little as a year after planting. Even when placed in the ground, they allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of the plant, and after a minimum of 12 months with soil on either side, the roots break through and begin to take hold in the ground.

Grow Bags Offer Solutions for All Plant Types
No matter what plant types you're looking to grow, chances are you can find a bag that meets your needs. Smaller units work for individual flowers, even ones that require a lot of attention such as passion flowers, jasmine and petunias. Use larger bags to get trees, tomato plants that climb and flowering bushes off to a flourishing start before transporting them to an in-ground position.

Because they're versatile garden accessories, you can use them whether you're a novice or an expert. If Super Moss grow bags are out of stock, you can find many other brands at Staples to ensure your garden gets off to the right start.
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Super Moss 21657 6" Green Moss Ball
Item : 1258702 / Model : 13832241
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  • Product Type: Moss Ball
  • Dimensions: 6" Dia.
  • Used For: Natural weddings, special events, and home decor
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Super Moss 21508 Green Sheet Moss, 5 lbs.
Item : 1258742 / Model : 13832217
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  • Product Type: Sheet Moss
  • Used For: covering soil and dressing container plants
  • Preserved sheet moss
56.19 $56.19