Surge Protectors & Power Monitors

Break away from the restraints of your office's built in outlets with these surge protectors and power monitors. These plug in to one outlet, providing you with instant extra space. They are easy to install, so anyone can take advantage of these useful products.

Power Surge Protection
Create a protective barrier between your electronics and potential dangerous power surges with a simple surge protector. These pieces absorb energy from surges and spikes, keeping devices plugged into them safe. This prevents hardware damage, such as broken power supplies or batteries, so you are less likely to lose important information during storms or power outages. Surge protectors are easy to use and provide extra convenience through the short extension cord and numerous of outlets.

Multiple Outlets
Each of these protectors includes multiple outlets, turning one wall outlet into a bar with as many as 12 individual outlets. This lets you plug in your office telephone, desktop, printer, and any other devices all in one convenient place instead of spreading them around the room to fit the office's stationed outlets. Use the multiple outlets to create a server room, or group similar electronics together to organize an office.

Power Switch
Most of these products feature a convenient built-in power switch. Easily turn off a bank of electronics with the flick of a switch, or briefly cut power for a safe hard shut down. Switch the power switch to the off position when the electronics are powered down to save extra; even when turned off, most electronics leech a little power through the outlet.