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Designed with precision, professional surgical knives and clamps help you stay in control during standard medical procedures. Many products come in multi-packs, so you can stock your medical supply cabinet quickly. Select from a variety of instruments, including scalpels and umbilical cord clamps.

Easy Grip
Each of these surgical knives and clamps is manufactured from lightweight, high-strength materials that feel comfortable in your hand. Many products feature contoured handles that fit with the curve of your palm, enabling a tight grip and reducing the likelihood of cramps during long procedures. Look for models with textured handles to prevent slipping.

Sterile Packaging
Maintain the sterility of an operating room with surgical knives and clamps packaged in secure pouches. Many models peel open, so you can access them in seconds during or before a procedure. For reusable knives, use high-quality surgical instrument sterilization supplies to reduce the spread of germs and keep your patients safe from infection.

Secure Installation
When you are trying to cut back on waste, use surgical knives and clamps that accept replacement blades. Each blade snaps safely into the instrument body and locks into place, giving you the same performance as a single-unit tool. For fast-paced surgical environments and emergency rooms, look for blades that come in color-coded packages for quick and accurate identification.

Powerful Performance
Each of these surgical knives and clamps is engineered to perform to the highest standards, so you can make precise and accurate cuts. Most models require minimal effort to create a strong force, ensuring that you can complete a cut or snap on a clamp quickly when it counts the most.

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