Surgical Tape

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Surgical tape protects sutures and wounds, and cloth, silk, or paper tape can be of help when patients need to cover stitches or cuts. Most types are hypoallergenic, so patients can rest easy knowing they likely won't have an allergic reaction to it. The tape is comfortable and has a slight adhesive to help it stay in place.

Hypoallergenic Tape
Keeping a first aid kit is wise, and you'll want to be sure the supplies can help everyone. Hypoallergenic surgical tape is gentle on the skin and doesn't cause allergic reactions.

Different Styles
From adhesive backing to stretchy cotton, first aid tape comes in many forms. You can choose from silk, cloth, surgical, or paper styles to find one that works for you.

Easy to Use
Surgical tape is easy to use; you simply wrap it around a wound or cover stitches with adhesive styles. You can purchase transparent or opaque tapes, making it easy to choose whether you can see the wound underneath or not.

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