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Surgical Trays & Containers

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Durable yet lightweight, these surgical trays and containers are a versatile addition to any healthcare facility. Whether you stay onsite or travel for outpatient procedures, the containers help ensure the hygiene and safety of each instrument. Choose from both closed and open-frame designs.

Varied Bottom Styles
Surgical trays and containers are available with a variety of bottom styles, each designed to streamline the use of medical instruments. Traditional flat-bottomed containers stack easily and rest on any shelf or table, making them ideal for busy health care facilities. Eliminate the need for filters and prevent condensation with trays that feature drain bottoms.

Easy Sterilization
Drain sterilized instruments in minutes with surgical trays and containers made from perforated metal. For delicate tools, select containers with small holes to allow quick drainage without catching edges or causing damage. Maintain a sterile field with models that use tall side handles to keep your hands away from instruments. Most containers are compatible with standard surgical instrument sterilization supplies.

Secure Construction
Designed with stiff sides, these surgical trays and containers prevent damage to your instruments during procedures and downtime. Models with lids can be stacked safely in a supply cabinet or transported between exam rooms. For extra safety, choose a model with a built-in locking system that shows evidence of tampering or compromised sterilization.

Durable Materials
Many surgical trays and containers are manufactured with sturdy metal, which holds up well under daily use. Reuse the trays as often as needed — most models need no more than a wash and sterilization between uses. Maintain your facility's dedication to the environment with containers made from recyclable aluminum.

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Steriset® Surgical Instrument Sterilization Containers with Flat Bottoms
Item: SS1102490
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  • Sterilization Containers Type
  • Latex-free
  • Sterilization containers has Thermo Lock locking system which eliminates the need for disposable, tamper-evident locks/arrows; and the automatic valve eliminates disposable filters, assuring reliable, economical sterilization
As low as 849.99 $849.99
Multiple options available
Omnimed Low Voltage Light Kit (741316)
Item: 2350347 / Model : 741316
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  • LED light signal indicator
  • Indicates battery needs recharging
  • Accessory for Power Lifter Stands
89.99 $89.99
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Medline TASKIT Surgical Instrument Container Tamper-evident Seals
Item: SS1102492
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  • Tamper-evident Seals Type
  • Latex-free
  • Tamper-evident seals keep instruments safe inside TASKIT containers
As low as 151.39 $151.39
Multiple options available
Lifestyle Essentials Lifestyle Essential Eating Utensil
Item: SS3277537
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  • Available : Fork, Knife and Spoon
  • Silver, Aluminum
  • Perfect for anyone with arthritis or some limited hand grasp, yet attractive enough for family use
As low as 14.79 $14.79
Multiple options available
Medline Instrument Sterilization Trays
Item: SS1102493
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  • Sterilization Trays Type
  • Latex-free
  • Sterilization trays features a perforated design that prevents delicate instruments from getting caught or poking through
As low as 59.49 $59.49
Multiple options available