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With suture and staple removal tools and kits, you can offer complete postoperative care in your independent medical clinic or at the hospital. Sterile tools reduce the risk of infection. Offer quick and easy staple or suture removal as an added service to maintain patient confidence.

Comprehensive Post-Surgery Care
Whether you performed the original application of stitches in your office to treat a cut or have an appointment with a patient who has abdominal sutures from a major operation that require removal, having the right tools on hand makes it easy to offer comprehensive post-surgery or post-injury care. By offering suture removal services for patients who had stitches or staples put in elsewhere, you make it more likely that patients return to your office to have healing wounds monitored.

Fast and Efficient Procedures
Quickly remove unsightly staples or sutures from a healed wound using tools designed specifically for the job. Staple and suture removal kits include everything you need, so you can efficiently clean the area, remove the closures, and tidy up after you're done. Keep wound care tools and accessories on hand as well to ensure that you are prepared to treat unexpected complications at the injury or incision site.

Helps Reduce Cross-Contamination
Disposable suture and staple removal tools reduce the danger of cross-contamination because each patient gets a sterile new tool. These precise tools effectively snip the suture or staple and give you the leverage you need to slip it out of the skin without accidentally scraping or nicking the patient. Tools made of sturdy metal can handle drops or bumps and still continue working properly.

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Medline Sterile Skin Staple Removers
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