Synology NAS / Cloud Storage

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Build and manage a robust repository for your personal or business data with a Synology NAS storage solution. NAS or network-attached storage devices are specialized computer systems with high-capacity hard disk drives. Synology NAS units run a proprietary Linux-based operating system called DiskStation Manager. Staples carries a wide selection of NAS devices from Synology and other leading providers of home and enterprise storage systems.

Choosing the Right Synology NAS Storage
Synology offers two types of NAS devices: its desktop DiskStation models and RackStation, a line of rack-mounted options. RackStation NAS units are for enterprise environments while DiskStation models are for both home and business users. The right NAS device to get depends on your storage needs. The DiskStation product line ranges from compact embedded units for mobile and outdoor workspaces to desktop towers that can serve as media servers for home entertainment.

More powerful desktop units with faster processors, more RAM, and bigger storage capacities are ideal for creative professionals working with 4K videos and HD graphics. At the top of the range are business-class devices that offer enterprise features like hardware encryption and scalable storage solutions that combine multiple NAS units to meet growing storage needs.

Features to Look for When Comparing Synology NAS Devices
A network-attached storage unit can have one or more hard drive bays. The number of bays determines the maximum storage capacity offered by the device. Synology DiskStation models can have as many as 12 bays. A single-bay NAS is suitable for personal backup storage for 1 to 2TB of data. You need at least a four-bay unit with a total capacity up to 8TB to build an entertainment center. If you are building a home media server, look for a model with DLNA support and USB 3.0 ports for fast streaming and file transfer speeds.

Businesses require NAS devices with more drive bays, higher storage capacities, and RAID support to protect critical data. Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and hot-swappable drives are essential features for enterprise-grade network devices. Having two Ethernet ports keeps the device running even if one port fails. Hot swapping drives eliminates the need to shut down the networked storage device when replacing hard drives or upgrading to drives with higher capacities.

Can You Sync Synology NAS Storage Data to the Cloud?
Yes. In addition to syncing files between multiple computers and mobile devices, you can also set your Synology NAS device to sync data with different Cloud service providers. This brand's DiskStation units can establish two-way sync with major Cloud platforms from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, and Baidu.

Which Storage Units Are Compatible With the Synology DiskStation Tower?
The drive bays on DiskStation models can hold both hard disk drives and solid state drives. The bays are wide enough for both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch HDDs as well as 2.5-inch SSDs. The NAS unit has an interface that is compatible with both SATA II and the faster SATA III drive connectors.

Do Processor Speeds Affect NAS Performance?
Yes. Processor speed and architecture, as well as RAM size, affect the performance of an NAS device. Synology equips budget models meant for home users with Marvell Armada processors and 512MB RAM. DiskStation units for media centers and businesses have faster dual-core and quad-core Intel processors and a minimum of 1GB RAM.