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Synthetic Benches & Beam Seating

Choose a synthetic bench to enjoy all the benefits of wooden furniture without the maintenance. Also called artificial wood, this composite material is the product of wood byproducts, plastic, and adhesives. The end product looks like natural wood and can serve as a ready alternative with certain unique properties. Staples® carries a wide selection of benches made from different types of synthetic wood.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of a Synthetic Bench
Unlike regular wood, artificial wood comes in more colors besides brown. This improves the aesthetic value of furniture made with the material. It is also stronger, denser, and heavier than real wood. Benches made with synthetic wood are more durable and easier to maintain than those crafted from hardwoods, softwoods, and even fiberboard. You can safely hose down an artificial wood bench to clean it and also wash it with a soap solution. The material is waterproof and also insect, mold, and mildew-resistant. You can use and leave a synthetic wood bench outdoors even where there is no shade. Its surface is weather-resistant and does not require regular refinishing to keep its sheen. For a long-lasting outdoor bench, look for one made of artificial wood with a UV-resistant coat that prevents fading.

Choose the Right Bench Design for Your Home or Office
A synthetic bench can be a bare long chair or upholstered with a padded seat. Padded benches are more comfortable and usually meant for indoor use. Get one to use with your dining table or to receive visitors in a waiting room. Other convenient features to look for are backrests and armrests. These make it easier to recline or use your bench as a couch. Models without arms and backrests can double as coffee tables and ottomans. Besides seating, they can also serve as storage units. Hallway and entryway benches usually have shelves and cubbies underneath their seats. These are ideal for storing and displaying shoes and umbrellas. There are also chest-style storage benches with hinged lids as well as models with pull-out drawers and swing-door cabinets.

What Materials Make Up Artificial Wood?
The term artificial wood covers a broad selection of materials made with some or no wood products. The most common type of synthetic wood comes from discarded wood chips and sawdust combined with plastic and a binding agent. This mixture fuses together under high heat and pressure to create a durable composite material. Manufacturers then stamp its surface with faux grain patterns to make it look like real wood.

What Is the Difference Between Synthetic and Manufactured Wood?
Synthetic wood uses a combination of wood and synthetic materials like plastic. Manufactured or engineered wood solely uses wood byproducts. Manufactured wood comes from scraps of hardwoods and softwoods. Popular examples of these composite material are plywood, particle board, and MDF.

What Is Plastic Wood?
Plastic wood is a synthetic wood product made solely of plastic. Commonly used plastic polymers include PVC and polyethylene. Synthetic benches made with plastic wood are stain, water, insect, and weather-resistant and also available in different colors. Some, like vinyl wood, have stamped grains and textures to make them look like natural wood.
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Convenience Concepts Oxford Storage Bench/Oxford Collection MDF,White Finish (203600W)
Item : 2166995 / Model : 203600W
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  • Entryway Bench
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