TREND T-92144 39' x 2.25" Scalloped Jigsaw Puzzle Terrific Trimmer, Multicolor

Item #: 845444 | Model #: T-92144

About this product

The TREND T-92144 Scalloped Jigsaw Terrific Trimmer has a length of 39' and can be used to give a bright and unique edge to classroom walls and decor.

The TREND Jigsaw Trimmer comes with scalloped edges and interesting jigsaw patterns in lively colors, perfect for decorating kiddie areas. You can cut it into strips and use it to complement classroom artwork, charts and for framing bulletin boards and windows. This terrific trimmer presents student's work in style and is useful for creating funky crowns and borders for whiteboards, reward charts and calendars.

  • Bulletin board trimmer can enhance toddlers to 9th graders' classrooms
  • 39' long terrific trimmer that can be used in strips for various creative projects
  • Dimensions: 39'L x 2.25"W
  • Ready to use, durable and reusable