Tape Dispensers

Scotch tape dispensers and those from 3M, Duck and Tape Logicoffer convenience and improve efficiency and productivity. Staples carries avariety of models including clear tape dispensers, desktop, fashion andpacking tape dispensers. Environmentally sound tape dispenserscontaining recycled materials are readily available for the earth-consciousconsumer.

UsingScotch tape dispensers saves time when wrapping gifts ortaping flyers around the neighborhood. Clear tape dispensers provide aserrated edge that cuts the tape to the size needed and keeps the end of thetape easily accessible between uses.

The Scotch tape dispensers available from Staples come in a varietyofstyles.Many of them feature weighted, non-slip bases and easyload tape cores, and they often accommodate multiple tape core sizes. Refillrolls are also available for most desktop, fashion and packing tape dispensersfor maximum convenience.

Adhesive tape dispensers are a convenient and efficientresource. Add a tape dispenser to your desk for quick access, and tackle papertears and projects that require adhesive quickly with the easy-to-handle tape.Refillable dispensers cut down on cost and waste, as the only item that needsreplacing is the tape itself.

Scotch tape dispensers have a comparatively long lifespan. Whethertapped to wrap the occasional gift or used daily in a busy office environment,these dispensers are robust and long-lasting, thanks to their durableconstruction.

Clear tape dispensers, such as those used for packing boxes, are madewith sturdy fibers. Staples carries hand and pistol-grip dispensers, as well asone-handed operation models with an easy tape-break option and dispensers builtfor heavy-duty jobs. Packing tape dispensers are available with basicfeatures or advanced accessories such as metal cutters, adjustable tensioncontrols and reinforced steel frames to withstand high-impact projects. Mostpacking tape dispensers hold up to a 3-inch core, a tape width of up to1.88 inches and a reel length of 60 yards.

Staples carries an exhaustive range of Scotch tape dispensers in avariety of styles, sizes and colors. Refill rolls are available in single36-yard packs or multi-roll boxes. You'll find clear tape dispenserssuitable for professional settings and fun models for preschools or more casualenvironments. Whether packing an industrial-sized box or hanging a poster onthe wall, tape dispensers simplify the process by saving you time, hassle andmoney.
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