Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, ranking second to water. With rich, calming and invigorating blends to choose from, anyone can enjoy a freshly steeped cup at home, work or on the road. In decaffeinated and regular, sweetened and unsweetened variations, there's plenty of options for any season or mood. Staples carries a wide selection of coffee and tea products from top brands like Lipton, Celestial Seasonings, Twinings and Bigelow.

Tea Flavors that Satisfy Every Taste, Hot or Cold
Whether you prefer a steaming cup before bedtime or want to savor a glass of iced tea on a hot day, there are many delicious flavors to suit any craving. English breakfast blends are ideal first thing in the morning. Peach, lemon, and raspberry styles provide a lovely fruity taste, while chai, ginger and orange spice teas awaken the senses with a tangy bite. For times when it's hard to choose, variety packs and samplers offer several flavors so everyone can discover the type they enjoy most.

Tea Comes In Loose Leaf and Wrapped Bags for Anytime Enjoyment
Ideal for long study sessions or sipping at work, bagged and loose-leaf options can be brewed quickly. When steeping by the cup or making a giant pitcher, it's easy to adjust the amount to suit a range of serving sizes. Bold black and smoother traditional green teas both offer unique tastes that are naturally sugar-free, allowing people to add milk, sugar, or honey to taste when desired. Packaged in boxes and canisters that can be repurposed or recycled, eco-conscious consumers can feel good about their beverage and the planet.

GreenTea, Organic Tea and Herbal Tea Blends for a Healthier Lifestyle
Green, organic and herbal products can supplement healthy living with several potential benefits. Green tea may lower the risk of certain cancers while helping to improve brain function and stabilizing blood sugar. Some herbal tea versions are very slightly sweetened, brewed with fair trade ingredients, and many are 100 calories or less per bottle. Herbal varieties are naturally decaffeinated and gluten-free, some also certified kosher. Chamomile can have a soothing effect that promotes better sleep. Sweet tea is said to boost immune system functions and blood circulation, and lemon-ginger can work to ease stomach distress and increase metabolism. Minty herbal blends provide a relaxing sensation for the body and mind that can aid in digestion, promote healthier cholesterol levels and may help reduce swelling and inflammation. You'll find these plus many other healthy options at Staples.

Tea Serves As A Portable Refreshment in Bottles, Cans, Pods and Drink Mixes
For maximum portable beverage enjoyment, parents, teachers, and businesses find teas in canned, bottled, K-Cups and flavor packet formats to be flexible and convenient. Keeping a chilled inventory in a break room, coffee shop or cafeteria ensures customers can quickly grab and enjoy their drink. Brewing machine pods rapidly dispense beverages that can be consumed hot or poured over ice. Ordinary bottled water can become a tasty treat by mixing in flavored tea packets that are lightly sweetened and low in calories, making them a better option over sodas and sugary juice products. Are you looking for other Coffee, Water & Snacks? We also offer Soda, Sugar & Sweeteners, Coffee Organizers & Dispensers, and Snacks & Food.
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