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Classroom Essentials

Use first-rate classroom essentials for teachers to prepare for any situation that arises in your class. From planners to notebooks to paper clips, you'll never lose time hunting down needed items for your daily teaching duties. Handle cleanup jobs easily with a range of essential cleaning supplies.

Plan Ahead
Our large selection of day planners lets you keep your schedule flowing smoothly. Jot down notes and reminders in your choice of stylish, multifunctional notebooks and journals. Get and stay organized with pocket dividers, page flags, and sticky notes. 

Write at Your Fingertips
Pens, pencils, and highlighters are invaluable classroom essentials for teachers. Position your tools of the trade within arm's reach with a handy pen cup or a desktop tray set. 

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff 
Storing small items like one-hole punches, miniature staplers, paper clips, and staples can often turn into an embarrassing desktop mess. Keep order in your classroom by purchasing multiple desktop tray sets or one large desktop organizer to keep all of your smaller supplies tidy.

Keep it Clean
Spills, messes, and accidents happen without warning. Keep spills and messes cleaned up by keeping a stock of paper towels and disinfecting wipes on hand. Make cleanliness a group endeavor by having everyone in your class wipe desks and work stations at the end of each day. 

Board it Up
Loose sheets of paper can often get lost during the shuffle of collecting paperwork. Keep test and quiz sheets secure with clipboards to pass around the room, or provide each student with an assigned folder for collecting assignments and tests.

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