About this product

Teacher Created Resources "I Have, Who Has Language Arts" Game for grades 2-3 is a better way of learning vocabulary, listing and speaking skills along with fun in a classroom.

  • Entire class can have fun while practicing skills in language arts, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, listening, and speaking
  • Age group and grade: Ages 7 - 9 years and grades 2 - 3
  • Title: I Have, Who Has Language Arts
  • Subject: Language arts
  • Hand out all 37 cards
  • Student whose card has the answer to that question responds and then asks a different question
  • This continues until the person with the last card gives the final answer and then reads, "This is the end of the game!"
  • Includes 37 synonyms cards, 37 antonyms cards, 37 homophones cards, and 37 parts of speech cards