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TechniMobili Computer Desks

A computer desk is essential for a home or work office to hold a computer and to store files and other work-related materials. A Techni Mobili computer desk is viable for home or office use, and Staples carries a versatile selection in a variety of sizes and designs, including laptop desks and multi-function computer desks.

Find a Design That Fits Your Home or Office
Desks with storage options are useful in offices and include features such as file cabinets and shelves. Storage drawers offer space for files and other documents and are conveniently located under the desk for efficient access. Some desks include built-in shelves to hold a computer modem, printer or files.

Techni Mobili computer desk designs include straight desks that stand on pedestals, L-shaped desks with interchangeable desktops and wheeled laptop desks. Items such as multifunction desks and double-pedestal desks offer storage options and ample room for a computer and accessories. Many include features such as pull-out keyboard panels for efficient keyboard access and use. L-shaped desks can be placed in the corner of a room and provide a spacious desktop area.

Laptop and space-saving desks are compact and maneuverable while still providing room for a computer setup and accessories such as printers. Wheeled laptop desks feature locking casters to allow for movement when desired.

Consider Durability and Materials When Choosing a Desk
Techni Mobili computer desks are constructed from sturdy materials such as engineered wood and steel and some include tempered glass tops. Engineered wood is layered for stability and provides the look of real wood. Steel-frame desks resist scratching and are available in a range of finishes such as bronze or powder coating. Glass desktops are strong and simple to clean.

Are Glass Desktops Safe and Durable?
Tempered glass is stable and made to hold weight safely. It resists damage from various sources, including the sun's UV rays, spills and scratches. Shatter-proof tempered glass is substantially stronger than normal glass and is designed to not shatter into sharp shards if it does break.

What Are the Benefits of a Laptop Desk?
Wheeled laptop desks are maneuverable and many are height-adjustable to allow users to stand or sit. Standing desks offer health benefits, including reduced back strain, and a Techni Mobili desk can be adjusted for sitting whenever the need arises. Most laptop desks have tilting surfaces for efficient viewing and an extra-long fourth leg for added stability.

Why Consider an L-Shaped Desk?
L-shaped desks are uniquely designed for multipurpose offices that require creative use of space. These desks provide an area for activities beyond using a computer and also provide substantial leg room. Another benefit is that multiple people can work at an L-shaped Techni Mobili desk to save further space.

Are Desk Assembly Services Available?
Staples offers a cost-effective assembly plan for many Techni Mobili desks, featuring flexible appointments and using trained technicians who ensure the desk is assembled correctly. The plan also includes quality assurance follow-up to make sure the desk has been satisfactorily assembled.
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Techni Mobili Compact Workstation Computer Desk, Woodgrain
Item : 606344 / Model : RTA-2706A-WG01
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  • Wood panels with a moisture resistant PVC laminate veneer
  • Features pull-out keyboard shelf with safety stop
  • Dimensions: 35"H x 38"W x 22"D
144.99 $144.99