Thera-Band Soft Weight Assorted Pack

Item #: 718907 | Model #: 25801

About this product

Thera-Band Soft Weight Assorted Pack - Features hand-held and ball-shaped designs

Thera-Band Soft Weight Assorted Pack offers a functional and accommodating grip. It features hand-held and ball-shaped designs that are great for strengthening, plyometrics, balance training and mobilization.

  • Hand-Held, Ball-Shaped Weights Are Great for Strengthening, Plyometrics, Balance Training and Mobilization
  • Soft Weights Offer A More Functional and Accommodating Grip Than Dumbbells Or Cuff-Weights for Unilateral Or Bilateral Exercises
  • Set Includes Color-Coded, Progressive Weight Levels: 1.1Lb. Tan, 2.2Lbs. Yellow, 3.3Lbs. Red, 4.4Lbs. Green, 5.5Lbs. Blue, 6.6Lbs. Black
  • All 6 Weights Are The Same Easy-to-Hold Size: 4.5-inch Diameter
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